The catalog of games in online casinos is huge. It offers plenty of different table games to cover any wish of the gamer. So if you are a gamer who enjoys a fast, fun, and simple game with the element of competition, baccarat play online should be your first choice. At the beginning of this table game, participants place their wagers. Then, the competition between the gamer and the dealer develops in just several acts.

How baccarat happens

The online version of this game happens identically to its land-based counterpart. The main gaming instrument is the table that is displayed on the screen as well:

  • The gamer takes his place at the bottom of the screen and the croupier takes his place from above;
  • The table itself has from one to several sections that correspond with the participants; so one section means only one gamer can play, three sections allow for three gamers;
  • Also, each section is marked with special places for bets.
  • all participants that will play baccarat online start with making wagers; they put virtual chips of the mark they want; markings are usually set for gamer’s win, casino’s win, or a tie;
  • two open cards are placed on the gamer side, and after that two other open cards are placed to the dealer’s side;
  • in this game, faces and 10s amount to zero, aces amount to one, and other cards amount to their value; given that, the result of placed cards are calculated;
  • if there are 10 or more points on the gamer’s side, this result loses the first figure and changes into a different result;
  • if there are 5 points or less on the gamer’s side, another card is added to the set;
  • results are estimated once more; whichever appears closer to 9 wins.
  • there is no 5% commission for the bet on the croupier’s win;
  • the side bet Dragon 7 – the dealer should win with 7 points from 3 cards;
  • the side bet Panda 8 – the gamer should win with 8 points from 3 cards.