To win at Blackjack, you need to skillfully operate the additional opportunities that are offered to players. Let’s take a look at all the additional blackjack rules.

Split (splitting of pairs): when a player receives two cards of the same rank (5-5, 9-9, 10-10), as well as two pictures (for example, jack and king), he can split one hand into two. Then you need to make a bet similar to the first one, and in fact play two hands. Further rules remain the same.

Double (doubling): the player can double the bet after the first card. In this case, the player makes an equal bet and receives only one card, after which the dealer opens his hand. If the dealer has an open card, a picture or an ace, doubling is strictly not recommended.

Sarenda (waiver of the bet): in some types of blackjack, you can get back 50% of the bet after the first two cards, if the player is not sure of his set. These rules are always announced in advance, in online casino blackjack, they will be indicated on the table and offered to the player automatically.

Insurance : if the dealer has an ace up card, the player can insure against blackjack. For this, one more rate is introduced. Further, if she also played blackjack at the dealer, the player receives a 2 to 1 payout (in fact, he stays with his friends). If there is no blackjack, then the insurance is considered lost and the player continues the game with the main bet.

🃏 Why Blackjack?

  • By learning the basic strategy, you can lower the house edge down to 1%.
  • Success in this game depends not only on chance, but also on your skills.
  • By counting the cards out of the game, you increase your advantage.