blackjack games

In addition to the classic version, there are several other varieties of the game. In addition to classic and American blackjack, which we talked about above, there are the following versions:

Blackjack Switch is a two-handed game in which the player can shift cards. The disadvantage of the game is that the dealer can score 22 points, after which a draw is declared.

Spanish 21 (Spanish 21) – a kind of game with a deck where there are no tens. In addition, there are a number of additional rules that may differ from casino to casino.

Caribbean 21 is the game with the smallest casino edge. In this game, the ace is always equal to one point, all additional actions of the players are allowed at any moment of the game, and in the case of a draw, the dealer is awarded the victory.

Pontoon is a British version of blackjack with a number of differences. The most important of these is the ability to double your bet if you have nine or eleven points in your hand, and after seventeen points the dealer draws another card.

There are variants of blackjack where players can take five boxes and play a separate hand in each, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

How to play blackjack games online?

To play blackjack online, you just need to choose a reliable casino. At KazinoKaralis you can find detailed reviews of the best online casinos in Canada. Quite – the main thing is to adhere to the basic rules, and you will be able to reach a positive value. And of course, you shouldn’t play at high stakes without some experience.